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Marryatville Chiro Practice

Our Approach to Wellness​

From the moment you walk in our front door, until the moment you leave, you will see that Marryatville Chiro is dedicated to providing you and your family with the utmost care.


Chiropractic concerns itself with the integrity of the human frame. Our job is to assess the body, with particular attention to the spine, and determine if there is an area which isn’t working correctly.


Once we have established that yours is, in fact, a chiropractic case, we then use adjustments to improve posture and restore joint range of motion. This results in improved messages being relayed back to the brain and thus you experiencing less pain and improved health and function.

Our brain has a picture of our body and how it is working, including the muscles, the joints and our organs. If the body is sending poor quality messages back to the brain because of joint pain, trauma, chemical or emotional stressors, the clarity of this picture can be distorted and our general health and wellbeing begin to suffer.


We offer a place where you are able to discuss and be informed in a safe, friendly, professional environment, with all our practitioners up to date in the latest techniques and research.

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