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Do you sit for more than 6 hours a day, sometimes for more than 2 hours without leaving your chair?


Stare at a small screen in your hand or on your desk?


Does your back and neck ache while you work?


You could be placing unnecessary pressure on your neck just from doing your job!

Importance of Having Good Posture


In the age of the digital workplace, we spend the majority of our day sitting down.  Our bodies were not designed to sit for this extended amount of time and it's doing a lot of damage to our spine and posture.  Most of us don't exercise even moderately or stretch our tightened muscles after a prolonged period of time in a sitting position. 


Our constant use of phones, laptops and other devices forces us to have a "hunched posture", placing stain and pressure on our neck as we push our "head forward" to view our tiny screens.  Studies have shown that for each inch our head tilts forward from its centre of gravity, our neck bears an extra 4.5kg of stress!  Dr Axe explains that "..chiropractors regularly observe many of their patients carrying their head two to three inches forward, which is an extra 9 - 14 kg of pressure on their neck. Just think about how dangerous this can be for the health of someone’s spine, and how this straining then spills over to many other parts of the body."


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